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Anxious4What Life Coaching is a "safe" space for you to receive support to overcome barriers that hinder you from living a well balanced life. The coaching that you will receive is Christian based and you will have autonomy in developing your life plan. My role as your coach is to support you with overcoming socio-emotional barriers that hinder your success. My coaching rate is $150 per hour. Sessions can be scheduled individually or you may schedule four consecutive weeks of coaching for $500. All sessions are pre-paid and held virtually. Your initial 15 minute consultation is at no cost to you and is not a session. Rather it is an opportunity for you and I to ensure compatibility. Sessions can be rescheduled with a 24 hour notice via email and will not be refunded. Missed sessions without a minimum 24 hour notice are forfeited. If for any reason my services are not the very best match for your needs? I am happy to provide you with community based resources and wellness referrals. Anxious4What Life Coaching is non-clinical. If you agree? Let's schedule your consultation. I look forward to empowering you to WIN!


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